The Unified Field Physics of God/Creator/Source in Us

There is a science of the cosmos called Unified Field Physics. This physics is taught at the “Academy of Resonance”. This Physics is a new vision of reality or the dispense of the matrix hold idea of the Duality in our minds and soul. The Universe is 96% invisible to us not in the form of light, but energy. The universe is about 26% dark matter, 70% dark energy, 4% visible, and the unknown amount of a new type called dark gravity, not mentioned at the Academy. The Large Hadron Collider at CERN has spent 13 billion as of 2015. They are searching for what constitutes dark, unseen elements of the universe. There is proof that the universe is a Unified Field and is revealed in our world physics now. In the Unified Field or Matrix reality created there is a fabric woven of energy or you might call it a connection of point and location of all. In the Universe, there is no empty space and it is teaming with energy. Here are some word used to describe the Unified Field:

  • Quantum vacuum or Quantum Plenum

  • Implicit order (a Singer mentioned it)

  • Zero-point (Most people with magnetic free energy technology)

  • Aether (Tesla)

  • Akashic Field (very Important as Gaia is Active in this Unified Field Energy of ascension) India

  • Dark Energy

  • Dark Matter

  • Dark Gravity (Bashar)

  • Sea or Ocean of Light

  • Planck Field ( Max Planck)

  • Quantum Entanglement(duality experiment inventor)

There is an Electromagnetic “Quantum Vacuum of Light” enveloped in Love. It is a term we use to describe this Filed, mentioned by Astro-physicist Bernard Haisch and other mention it is a network of information in Holograph form and Fractal in the now, unable us to separate our Consciousness as it imprints, exchanges, transmits every moment in linear time as this is all organized by the consciousness in its infinite interconnected system in all densities of creation or Universe, we are part of an organized energy and part of this consciousness. All the Universe is filled with the field in its entirety from the micro to the macro universe of all. Every minute particle in the Universe has a field that is united together in this woven energy described as Unified Field.

The dynamics this Unified field are in polarity, duality, opposing energy interacting with each other as all fractal parts of God/Creator/Source in his mirror reflection of himself in us to reflect him in all form of creation. Without this expression, there is no Universe of Creation ever changing in form.

The heart Field of Electro-magnetic measurable from 8-12 feet around the body in a toroidal form as the heart has and use this toroidal form to connect to the higher self in us or God in us. We are connected to all those who come into this area or space of our hearts field and also our organs have the same field in a lesser degree connect to the heart. The actual heart of an adult is 500 more times stronger the brains EKG reading in an electromagnetic term.

The Universe consists of Vibratory ever-changing oscillations so fast that it appears there is no space between them, but there is and it is called Quantum Benevolent Energy or what we call Unconditional Love. This fast Oscillation of Quantum Energy, vibrating in patterns interconnecting all is how energy appears as a solid form or steady state in physics, Including in the entirety is the observer as mention partly by Paul Davies a Physicist.

The Unified field has electromagnetic fields within it, oscillation is a state of being, and finally, the particles which are the actual constitution of the greater field woven in energy. In the nucleus of an atom, there are protons. All Quantum Benevolent Energy (space-time) is made up of these protons. This means we are made up of protons and protons are made of infinitesimally small oscillating units called Planck Spherical units, a billion trillion times smaller than a proton. All is made up of this Planck Spherical units the proton and was named after Max Planck and is the one who developed the duality of particles experiment indicating the relation of Quantum in Space-time or our Matrix we shaped.

Here is the breakdown of this Unified field in our bodies. The body has 100 trillion cells intern it has about 100 trillion atoms in every cell (100 trillion). Each atom has a proton that has trillion of Planck Spherical units. Now if you ad this up in all the universe, It is mind-boggling. All Planck units are connected in a great Unified Field of Quantum Benevolent Energy working in a continuous state of oscillation change. This is one of the Four Laws of the Universe, to ever-change in motion ever oscillating. This Energy produces a holographic Universe with exact proportionate ratios relationships, similar to a worm-like network of connection points all across a connected Universe. The Universe is a fractal learning structure of God, each point learning from the whole, and the whole (God) informing each point.

The fractal is a part of the separation of God/Creator/Soure to mirror himself and express himself in many forms and this type of pattern is repetitive in all manifest. As the fractal layers interconnect, it is easier to understand all the Universe in the infinitesimal gradients from the micro to the macro. Every proton is encoded with the information of itself and of every single other proton in all universes, always being present an up to date is every point in the now!. Wow! An example is the Indra’s Net of the woven network of structure, each point is the soul of one and it is woven into the net as a whole as a hologram.

This brings us to the fact, the Unified Field Physics in all is unified matter, energy, information in the form of fractals of God/Creator/Source to make a perfect holographic synchronized whole. This is the synchronicity of the higher self with respect to the highest excitement. This means the inanimate matter is part of the whole universal fractal field of information and self is aware of all animals, plants, and Humans or other species of the Universe. All are an integral part of God/Creator/Source, part of the universal fractal field of information ever evolving, changing, growing in consciousness unfolding the densities of Creation.

David Bohm-physicist mentions: “the Universe is an undivided wholeness in the flowing movement. The true ground of all being in the infinite, intangible, spirit that infuses all living beings. The amount of energy in one cubic centimetre of empty space is far beyond the total amount of energy of all the matter in the Universe.”

This means it is all energy in infinitesimal forms as matter solidifies to take the lesser roll in creation. When we extend our awareness to that of beyond this planet, then we will be able to receive and give information to the galaxy, interim, and further on to other Universes. We are now limited to this Terra Firma Planet Earth as we persist in being 3d in our state as our consciousness refuses to be a whole or Connected to the whole universal cosmos. Nature, Terra Firma Planet Earth, all matter, Quantum Fields, all communicate with us, and it is time for us to do the same. The Quantum Field awaits us to communicate anxiously.

Nassim Haramein Say: we have a shape of a Spherical Planck or toroidal form, and it is an electromagnetic oscillator, it is the bases of Unified field Physics. You can compare it to the smallest Pixel on your computer. An untold number these electro-magnetic oscillators constitute the ground or foundation of the material universe and the main components of matter. Compare to the size of a proton, the size of the Planck Spherical units are like a grain of sand compared to the size of the whole universe. The proton is covered with countless trillions of these minute Planck units, both on outside surface and inside. Each Planck unit is a billion trillion smaller than a proton. Whereas a proton is about 20 of magnitude larger in size than the Planck unit. The Planck unit is about 19 orders in of magnitude (about 10 billion, billion) more massive than the proton. It is extremely heavy the Planck units around the proton. The whole universe vibrates in a gigantic electromagnetic field oscillator and everything we see, all of nature, Terra Firma, Sun, our galaxy blackhole core, and all the universes are made up of these Minute Planck Spherical Oscillators that collectively organizing in a coherent structure in the different regions of space. This lattice of the Planck Spherical oscillators fills all of “empty” space. All proton inside us is made up these minute Planck Spherical Oscillators that constitute the field of information that is our body as this field of information is connected to the fields around us through the protons. Mass then is the energy generated by the minute electro-magnetic Planck Oscillators in the structure of spacetime (vacuum), creating an energy event that we identify in space as energy or mass becomes the foundation of our reality. Although space-time appears continuous and smooth of our macro-scale perception, it is granular at the micro level of the Planck-scale. The structure of the protons makes it entangled with all others in the universe through Planck-size wormholes in the structure of the Space-time (vacuum). Spinning like fluctuating vortices spinning at the speed of light or faster. They connect to each other through wormholes that are themselves rotating. The spinning of the proton creates the gravitational field. Each proton is connected to all others through the wormholes that act like network cables with the instantaneous transmission, making all the protons updated instantly with every change. The proton according to Nassim Haramein, has spun for over 13.6 billion years, linearly speaking. The spin of the Planck Spherical oscillators has fueled the spin of the protons through this time.

In non-linear terms, the past or future is in the now. This makes the “Now” actually the modus operandi of the Planck spherical Wormholes making it the only method of being in the now. The surface of all the protons added together equal the surface of all the universe. There is a definite Harmonic relationship between Scales. The divisions between these points are very close to the Phi ratio of 1.618 (The Golden Rule). The Planck vortex oscillators, which are trillions of times smaller than a proton act at all scales to create mass.

The hexagonal flower-like shape (Flower of life) covers the surface of the Proton as well as the inside of it. The proton Planck Spherical oscillator creates a pattern of a “Flower of Life” in which it is composed of the tetrahedron geometry within it. It is the inside and outside of the proton, the “Flower of Life” design exists in every proton in all of the universe of creation forever. The hexagonal symmetry of the triangle makes the proton have no gaps of spaces, it is a solidly covered proton of Hexagonal shape ever expanding. It is said, there is an expansion of the shape to become a circle (The Golden Rule), and this makes the shapes of tetrahedron seem to be a bubble inflated in the shape to account for the lack of empty space in between. In this state of inflation, the contact to all the surface of the tetrahedron is full and complete. This gives rise to the universe always expanding not contracting. This also gives rise to being in the now as there is no gaps or spaces, hence, no time just mass as the Planck Spherical Oscillator Spin and create the holograph of Life. If we live in the reality of no connection to anything in the universe Linear reality sets in and time is felt as an illusion. The tetrahedrons are in all scales of the universe, not dependant upon any medium or scale in which they are found. They are in the micro to the macro level of creation. The fundamental geometry of the tetrahedron in the universe is the Unified Field Theory. The quantitative value of 64-base is the fundamental geometric structure of the Unified Field Physics in the manifest, order, physically, or metaphysically. The 64 tetrahedron forms a star tetrahedron and is a vector equilibrium. From this Star Tetrahedron, any scale of expansion can be done at the Planck level to the universal. The central design of the tetrahedron is the cube-octahedron pattern. The interlocking of the tetrahedron hexagonal pattern has infinite potential for extension. The negative and positive polarities part of the tetrahedron gaps is filled by this polarity of difference as one is superimposed on the other. The core of the 64 based structure forms a cubeoctahedron, having 32 sides positive and 32 sides negative polarizing the tetrahedrons to form the total star tetrahedron.

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YouTube: Ascending to Beings, The Planck vortex oscillators, which are trillions of times smaller than a proton act at all scales to create mass.

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