The Transparency of Synchronicity

Transparency is a necessary nutrient for the soul of life. it nurtures, and gives, and loves unconditionally self and all. What is the factor the manages the process of this act of being honest, sincere, intuitively caring, and straightforward?  There is a balance in this process of being transparent to all of creation. The body is composed of many cells intern have many types of functions known and not known by self. In these functions, there is a come point of need, it is to be different or stay the same.  The body decides to be in these two modes of replication not by choice, but by the heart and its infinite Quantum Entanglement with the higher self. To be a person of transparency is to allow the higher self to express through the heart and show this in acts of the body and its cells. 
We live in a spiraling universe of infinite possibility, your higher self will bring all this into perspective to the issue at hand.  When you are confronted with the need to be quiet and respectful, you are, in essence, making it possible for your intention to known throughout the universe.  You become transparent in all thing in this moment or now.
To be is not to be, but being is to be.  

Transparency in oneself is when you allow the Innate to speak to yourself and express the Akashic data it has of being in the Terra Firma Earth. This Akashic record is easily obtainable by just allowing yourself to be quiet and not opinionated or pre dispositioned with an idea you think is the answer.  No expectations at all! With this in place in your mind, the flow of ideas will come through synchronicity of the higher self and the innate self.  Transparency is in its fullest the language of the universe for it will allow you to contact all being of love and caring nature as your vibrations change when you allow transparency to work in your living soul.  Being in this state of consciousness is the essence of creation and joy the heart expresses. Vibrate along!

God bliss, Peace, Love, and Joy,  Lazaro Michael Gonzalez

Thank you for the co-creating with me in this article and God Bliss,

Peace, Love, and Joy,  Lazaro Michael Gonzalez.

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