The Quantumness of Probiotic Kefir Grains

The Kefir grains are of great importance to the bodies health system. It is all in the guts of the person who consumes Kefir Grains all the work is done. Kefir has the ability to reproduce in a day or so. It is composed of a very interesting combination of friendly lactic bacteria, vinegar producing bacteria, and yeast strands of various types. In the Kefir Grain is like a colony of bacteria and it is host to producing grain like structure though it is not really a grain as the name indicates, it is a cluster structure for the kefir will be like a city or compact unit, and there are many, many of these structure in the Kefir Grains. The Kefir Grains do not need the heating of milk or the service we do for yogurt and if you do, this is a waste of time as Kefir Grains is very strong as a bacteria. It is composed of proteins, amino acids, lipids or fats, and complex polysaccharides all together to form a colony. It is the city of hosts to all the bacteria that want to help the human being in his guts. The Kefir Grains also have a very important property to those consuming it, and you do not have the daily needed issue as with yogurt, it does not need to consume daily for the effects. It sustains itself in the guts for a prolonged time and finds it home in the body. This is not the 3-dimensional or density part of Kefir Grains that is acting, it is the Quantum level of existence we do not know of in science.

The Kefir Grains are miracle bacteria given to the mammals on Gaia Earth. The bacteria are sentient and all knowing. It communicates with Gaia to perform a special function is the helping with the ascension of all species on Gaia. Gaia itself is a keeper of these life forms that help us in many ways. It does this process in its all-knowing nature of its eternal Crystal inside. The Kefir Grains are in the very least Quantum and this means it is not attached to time as we do. When you consume kefir grains it will be in your guts for a long time in our understanding in 3-D, but in the reality, we live in it is a quantum state that allows it to be in many places at once. Kefir Grains are all knowing and it will sense the home it is in and all forms of life.

It senses your energy, and all around in a 3-meters radius or so. It is sensitive to magnetic fields particularly north pole. Magnets will make the Kefir grains grow twice as fast. It is very quantum in the sense it will pick up the energy of the person or persons who preparing it, eating it. It also will communicate with the Innate body when inside the body at a quantum level of understanding we yet do not have technically in science. It qualifies as a quantum healer in all its respects. It does not do anything your Innate body does not want it to be, and the Innate does only what we tell it to do, and this means we are in command of the bacteria in the body. This is a quantum way of proceeding with healing and there are many forms of this function in quantum healing. Do not think for one moment we do not possess the ability from our Akashic record in our DNA. It is available to us all and the Innate Body knows this and is in control of all the bacteria in the body as a whole being in the universe(s). Using kefir Grains is a quantum experience for the Mammals of Gaia Earth. Consume Kefir Grains as it is lactose-free when done and is helpful to the body.

God bliss, Peace, Love, and Joy,  Lazaro Michael Gonzalez

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Peace, Love, and Joy,  Lazaro Michael Gonzalez.

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