The Quantum Function of animals on Terra Firma Planet Earth

There are those who are vegetarian, vegan, and within there are lacto-oval eating all the milk products that animals produce. This is all energies of different types and forms and all are respected and not disregarded for it attributes. The Terra Firma Earth has a special Crystal in a quantum multi-dimension state that has the records of all living divine (God/Creator/Source containing) beings on this planet. In Quantum, all is one and one is all, we have a piece of God/Creator/Source in us all, we are therefore as God/Creator/Source. This does not take ways or give respect to God/Creator/Source or even worship as we are the essence of God/Creator/Source for we are fractals of him or mirror reflections for him to see himself. This is difficult to understand in 3-D and for some are Blasphemous words spoken, but please listen with a clear mind and try to understand that there is no worship of a God/Creator/Source other than the worship of the God/Creator/Source in us.   We are in essence God/Creator/Source as it is chosen this form of reflecting self to know of itself. Itself (God/Creator/Source) is gender-free and needing to express all.  It (God/Creator/Source) allowed the infinite Expression of itself(God) in all of its (God/Creatoir/Source's) creation. 

The incarnation of Animal is not the same as Humans or any species considered to be divine. The animal has their own soul group and does not have a divine aspect as we have. It is to say this important the function they service if to give love and help in the ascension of All on Terra Firma Earth.  They choose to come back to help, with unconditional love.  Now, this does not mean it is different for the animals we eat regularly. These animals we eat choose to come back knowing they will be used to feed Terra Firma's inhabitants.  This is the quantum way of higher densities, the choice is made before they arrive as animals on Terra Firma. The required blueprint is made before you or any animal incarnates on Terra Firma.  Whether it is followed or not depends on the everchanging energy of quantum benevolence. 

Another beautiful view the animals have is to see you in quantum, and this means the animal see all you incarnations on Gaia. The Animal sees you as an old soul through the site of quantum benevolence.  

Whether you eat an animal or not it is still not a karma issue as the new energy is ever changing as the oversoul is in the higher densities.  karma in the new energy does not give us the reason to eat or not the animals on Terra Firma Earth. The true reason is to better help and us in the Ascension process from an eternal viewpoint of health. As we become Quantum benevolent in nature the need for Eating animal is less desired as a form of unconditional love for the animal, not the selfish karma reason for not eating.  We will ascend whether we eat animal or not, and incarnation does not depend on us eating them or not.  They have a purpose in the quantum benevolence of nature and they desire to come and help in the ascension process of life. 

The final thought is to remember, Unconditional Love will progress you to not eating animals, but not karma removal for ascension to the higher world. We seem to forget all the time it is benevolence in quantum energy that runs the show of energy in all its form. So the best thing to do is to unconditionally Love all who come in your path in life and be thankful with all your heart for the animals that gave their life for you to live. This is the ways of benevolence in the soul s on Terra Firma Earth.

God bliss, Peace, Love, and Joy,  Lazaro Michael Gonzalez

Thank you for the co-creating with me in this article and God Bliss,

Peace, Love, and Joy,  Lazaro Michael Gonzalez.

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