The Innate of Oneself

The innate is part of the system we call the Brain, but not the only part of the body we know. The innate is a self-aware, intelligent, all-knowing, all-encompassing, intuitive, and works with the pineal gland.

The most important part of the whole conscious system we have is the body and all is a part that is willing, logical and works with intuitiveness to know the direction to go. It uses the Koshick records or DNA helix as a knowledge base The process of talking to the Innate is the beginning of shifting to the things that you ask and wisdom. This system of control is in your ballpark and works very simple through conscious thoughts and watching what you say to yourself. The innate hears you speak, think and does what you just affirmed. Affirmation is what you are to say I have this job, home, etc. and then the innate will listen and through synchronicity, it will be provided as all the innate see and hears is you and not the outside reality, only the inner body, and it works. The reality is totally controlled by the Consciousness and you can change yourself and do not buy into the old ways it has always been and that consciousness has power and you can control who you are. The innate is an energy that has an enormous power and forms the inner works to the ideas and thought you provide it. Do not think or speak according to what you do not desire or want in your life as reality, the innate will make the inner do as you desire. So the act of just saying to yourself suggestion that is not according to your highest expectation is not the way to live as Eternal loving souls of creation. A Sovereign Soul does know and makes the innate know it highest expectation so to help in any way possible in its function as an integral part of yourself. It is an integral part of the human body and does not know what is on the outside of the body other than what you say to yourself, then you are responsible for the outcome of your reality and nobody else. There is a duality role on this planet and the innate plays an important part as it does as you desire and tries its best to fulfill it, even though it is not your highest expectation or even the opposite you desire.

 Do as you desire and speak or you will be the other of the duality role and this will set the stage for the planet and your role in the ascension or not. You can control the outcome of yourself and the innate is an integral part of this function. If you do not recognize this in yourself then the innate goes on autopilot and it will do as it knows best without your input as it waits for you to contribute. You can shape the outcome of your time future and it is your free choice.

God bliss, Peace, Love, and Joy,  Lazaro Michael Gonzalez

Thank you for the co-creating with me in this article and God Bliss,

Peace, Love, and Joy,  Lazaro Michael Gonzalez.

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