The Gravity of our Universe

Black-hole and white-holes for me, as I prefer actually Light-holes. We do not see them with our Human eyes, but the actual view of the center is awesome and not spectral in nature. The center of our Galaxy is more like consciousness form present in the all showing order of thing to be able to transmit from this center to all subcompact units of creation as group information of particle exists not for elemental substance, but the fractal part of creation in its duality role of the existence of eternity. This is the key to the working of quantum entanglement, perpetual motion or looping of reality around vortices you create at will. This intern will create rotations of vortices on Terra Firma earth when you have many of these workings as this is not really time travel, but a rewriting of the blueprint of life to accommodate your new perspective of life, life-changing. This is living in the now, as past and future are none existent in this equation. Remember this last statement of mine, art is the key to understanding the eternal knowledge of mathematics, not math. Disregard the explicit need of science to validate by equations, it will not work! Unconditional Love is the essence, and in art is how the universe unfolds itself in information for all. Write an equation in the art form and you will have much success!

God bliss, Peace, Love, and Joy,  Lazaro Michael Gonzalez

Thank you for the co-creating with me in this article and God Bliss,

Peace, Love, and Joy,  Lazaro Michael Gonzalez.

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