The Essence of Duality in the Shifting Energy

The shifting of energy now is a bit routine for the individual who has not just realize it is happening. This does not mean you are not a soul within the ascension on the Planet Gaia(that us), but is your awareness of the conscious brain filter free? All of us have fitters of consciousness in our reality perception. The filter of your beliefs is the reason your awareness is limited and done so you can experience a reality without conscious effort in details. The universe(s) is not the reason for this blueprint, for the Universe(s) is cheering you on to an ascension to the next change. With this in mind, there is an interesting need that arises to the soul on this quest for knowledge of this type of dealings. The first thing realized is the soul does not need knowledge given to them at all, as it has a vast storehouse of knowledge within the Akash in the DNA. The Akash is knowledge from the moment you stepped on this planet and accessible by the innate of oneself. The innate is the cellular structure of the body that is sentient and is very knowledgeable on all aspects of creation especially the body. it knows what to do all moment of reality, but we do not listen most of the time.

The shifting Energy is responsible for the specific action of the higher-self moving around realities. What does this mean to move around realities? To move to another reality is similar to the higher-self creating this reality with picture frame slides of other souls in other realities, but one difference is the Shifting Energy will bring the swapping soul of similar realities to happen. I will explain but please follow closely as this is a more multi-dimensional language not in the 3D as we know. For me to be able to explain I needed to remove the time base beliefs I possessed and arrive at the conclusion all is possible in other densities or dimensions than our mine. It meant to see and feel other forms of vibration I did not feel before the decision to be part of this vibrational group, I had to be of one consciousness with the universe(s). We have groups of souls, we have groups of sub-group, but there is a specific group of vibration associated with fractal part of God with all things created.  This group possesses the ability to see when you swap soul with another reality that your higher-self is manifesting or not. The word Swapping is but the closest I can get to explain, it is the soul of another reality trading places completely with another similar one of this reality. Swapping happens every moment you need to have a total exchange of beliefs to help the ascension process of the universe(s) in you. It all has to do with your perception of the universe(s)that causes oneself here to go to another reality similar. There are many reasons why you need to do this act of change, one is we are in a changing universe(s) forever, the other is there is a need to have the realities in the other reality to be at this reality and most of all we will do this now due to the Shiting Energy in the ascension process of creation. You higher-self made a physicality of you in another to complete the whole reality in the other, and it is that simple. 

The soul is very powerful in all realities of existence in the universe(s) for it is designed to do this act of Unconditional Love and provide many fractals of creation from all of God/Creators/Source's own self(us).  This is the driving Energy of Creation, to exchange information at all densities of all universe(s) all at once, or now for there is no passage of time. To confuse this more in 3D we are actually in our consciousness projecting a higher reality (another Reality) and living in this one. This accounts for the swapping when needed by the heart of the Soul pertaining to the reality. The Heart is a gear in the mechanism of the Energy Shift paradigm of the creation of all. 
A very important aspect of this knowledge of when it happens to you in this 3D is to realize you are Swapped for a good reason of the higher-self, not done unless it is done by the higher-self. To realize Swapping is to be in connection with your higher-self intimately with Unconditional Love to all of your parts of yourself (an infinite amount of Souls) and this includes other higher-self Souls of another universe(s).  This duality and is at work in the deepest part of the higher-self. Duality, a principal part of the fiber woven in the universe(s) of creation. All the tiny Planck Spherical units all harmonize in unison, with each tetrahedron in its precise placement of perfection as duality is not the act of imperfection or mistakes but God/Creator/Source asking creation himself revealed.

I will explain a bit more on the subject of time as it is perceived by us and by the universe(s). For us, time is a straight line of events and when one is completed it becomes the past, and when you project the needs it is the future.  This is as I call "so 3D of us", and we need to expand our consciousness to a better perception of the universe(s) for all is a perspective of choices.  To grant yourself a permission to see and view your Akash is to allow yourself to tap not a history of yourself, "how 3D of yourself", but a set of existence not in order of time, it is in order of events, changes, moments of joy, love, excitement, sadness, yes hate, anger, despise, greed, gluttony, and so on.  If you are going into an issue that needs attention that is in the Akash whether it is in this reality of not, Gaia knows which reality is needed to complete the need. Gaia does not have the one you live on now only but all of the infinite realities(s) of Terra Firma for its use.  Wow!  When you Swap iot can be of many already done in other dimensions(s) of yourself. This is yourself as you and not you and the paradox of change, you will always feel a change only if you needed a new shift in consciousness that affects the outcome otherwise it is in incognito for you as your higher-self provides. For me I notice a change in object placements, the energy feels different in the objects, laws are a bit different in physics, many suttle thing not noticed by all. Now let go deeper, wait, wait, that's enough for now., ha, ha, ha.

God bliss, Peace, Love, and Joy,  Lazaro Michael Gonzalez

Thank you for the co-creating with me in this article and God Bliss,

Peace, Love, and Joy,  Lazaro Michael Gonzalez.

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