The deeper truths of God / Creator / Source

The Deeper truths of God/Creator/Source is not but a slim covering of our reality away. We trot around and see the things in a view restrained by our belief, sometimes not our own and some beliefs no created by Love. It seems impossible for the untuned brain., but challenging for the fully ascended being. The infinite sea of the universe(s) is as small you need it to be or as large. We create the boundaries of our consciousness and sometimes lack the sight to see God/Creator/Source. This is a sight that is not of this reality but of the soul that sees all and loves all in the infinite ways of creation. Creation being not of creation but of love to express the Unconditional Love and Joy of God/Creator/Source in the infinite fractals of his will. God/Creator/Source's will is not solitary in nature for this will is the motion of change, not suppression of choice. We sense this will and as 3D we perceive a mandate to follow and it is not so. We vibrate to creation a tone, a tone of Unconditional Love and this tone is the will incarnate of God/Creator/Source to express all there is and be whole as God/Creator/Source is in you.
We express our lives here on Terra Firma Selfish sometimes, because we believe I am isolated and alone to solve all my challenges, but not so.
Enjoy you highest expectation, follow nothing but love and this will be the will of creation and then you God/Creators/Source will appear.

God bliss, Peace, Love, and Joy,  Lazaro Michael Gonzalez

Thank you for the co-creating with me in this article and God Bliss,

Peace, Love, and Joy,  Lazaro Michael Gonzalez.

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