The Art of the Micro-Universe

I do love to study and work with AstroPhysics, Quantum Mechanics, work in electronic engineering, electrician, Computer Programming in Linux, Magnetic Frequency management, EMF suppression technology, and many more items of work developed for the Planets ascension and in all this knowledge of this planet it all boils down to Unconditional Love that makes the whole thing work. The Process of duality plays an important part of the whole structure of the Universe(s). The Universe is composed of and works by Art, not mathematics as you might think. This is why we have Archetypes, it is the art form in the whole network of the geometric shape that makes the matter and energy appear. When shapes form in the quantum state they join because of duality, combine in a sense as the exact counterpart exist only to join right there at that moment.It is why we have many incarnations at the same times in the Universe(s). You can say the two aspects combine is a spinning field of energy, matter, and gravity respectively. This attractive force is of opposites not technology, but of qualities, not quantities. It makes a whole difference in what we should focus on in life. This is why we need to focus not on the outcome but the journey of life for it is the combinations of geometric shapes(Art) that does its work in this respective form. 

God bliss, Peace, Love, and Joy,  Lazaro Michael Gonzalez

Thank you for the co-creating with me in this article and God Bliss,

Peace, Love, and Joy,  Lazaro Michael Gonzalez.

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