Tera-hertz wave is not quantum energy

A Tera-hertz wave is a simple form of transmission in the spectrum between an infra-red and ultra-violet spectrum of visible light. It is photons in a special wave format that allows us to see in-between the gaps left by the color spectrum. We normally see red to purple with our eyes, and the difference with the transmission of a terahertz wave is that is is specific and non-linear in nature. The wave can be measured and pointed directly to any object and it will reflect the absorption spectrum in colours back at the source with special technology to interpret the feedback. It is similar to infra-red photography with a thermo-camera. It is a feedback only, but with this Tera-hertz wave technology, it sends a signal instead of measuring the heat of existing photons. This is very evasive technology to be tapering with as it affects our DNA of our bodies. The DNA in our bodies is very reactive to vibration as the vibration is what keeps the DNA intact and in a form of a 12 helix coiled down to a double helix. It is not an academic issue of the technology being used for purposes, not of the intention mentioned by the inventors. The implication is great, for the technology can cook a person from afar, unravel the DNA helix and cause irreparable damage, but correctable by non-convention means. There is a new generation of tetra-hertz wave camera used in traffic cams, schools, stores, military and government, facilities of all types for children care, it is a growing serious issue for you to make new laws that do not allow these technologies. The frequencies of the waves are 36, 60 and 95, and these are used by military and other forces of the government for purposes not intended for our needs. I post this article for us to make an ascension decision of making a vibration to not allow this act to exist in your co-creation. It is a permission slip and will do the job of not allowing these energies to affect you in any way. If you vibrate and create intention once, you will not even know if there is a Tera-hertz wave present or around you as some already do in life. This article is for you to take the fear of these waves and convert it to a special useful wave for the ascension of the inhabitants of Terra Firma. It is possible and the way the soul and the higher-self work in tandem. It is purposeful in nature and required by us as Loving Beings we are on Terra Firma as it affects all of the inhabitants including animals. 

Thank you for the co-creating with me in this article and God Bliss,

Peace, Love, and Joy,  Lazaro Michael Gonzalez.

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