How to change the 440 Hz pitch to a 432 Hz pitch in Music

The solution to this challenge is simple and can be done with a program called Audacity. Audacity has an “Apply Chain” click on the file section on top of the screen. I will show how to do the process with a video and this will allow you to convert the music pitch of 440 Hz to a 432 Hz.

The first thing needed is to download for free the Audacity Software program,which is an editing software tool that works with music and videos.

Click to go to website:

After you click select the appropriate computer set up you have, then click and download it.

Once you download it, install it on your computer by clicking the option.

Now you are ready to watch the video.

Click link below for video download:

Download the video file from location on DropBox.

You do not need to have a DropBox account to download, and it is free to have one anyway.

You must select the correct software for your computer system on the Audacity site. This is done by either looking for the info in your computer under about, or in windows it might be in another place, if not and you have a windows softwre, chances are it is a windows 10 loaded in your computer.

After you download and installing the software, please open it and check if it work and is loads on your computer. If it asks you to do something like update, then click yes. The process is simple to setup and I will show now how to do the necessary steps for the conversion to happen when you open a file on the software..

I posted a video you need to view for the process of set up in the Audacity software. If you have any questions on this set up then you can call me at 1-305-506-4662 or go to the website:

I have a Facebook channel called where you can leave a message or talk direct if I am on-line at that moment.

Thank you for the interest in restoring the 432 into your life as it will impact the planets energy when you do this for yourself.

God bliss, Peace, Love, and Joy,  Lazaro Michael Gonzalez

Thank you for the co-creating with me in this article and God Bliss,

Peace, Love, and Joy,  Lazaro Michael Gonzalez.

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