How Quantum Magnetic Energy works in the human body for Ascension

The process of magnetics in our body is very simple to the person who knows a little about the electrical phenomenon. There are creations or
invention just recently that makes the understanding of Quantum Magnetic Energy known worldwide. Quantum Magnetic Energy is an area fairly new for the normal person of a society involved in Physics.  The process of the body to transmit the energy from the neurons in the form of a pulse is nothing more than Quantum Magnetic Energy at its best. Quantum Magnetic Energy at the moment is being considered a source of energy, but to the unlearned, it is as regular energy, but it is a universal force, benevolent in nature, has a character, and is sentient. This means there is no way to make it do a thing against ones will or of freedom of choice. It is a field formed by the intentions of many, many years of precipitating in a universe full of Unconditional Love and Compassion.  The work of this energy is to facilitate our development into a conscious awareness of our universal identity.  Quantum Magnetic Energy is a being and provider for souls identity and is Universal Energy and we tend to call it dark energy. The dark energy it is not, for this energy can see Light and direct the force of nature to perfection. It allows you to see the shape and condition of energy surrounding you.  The Earth Gaia has an intent to help the human species, hybrid and all on the earth to ascension and the main worker of this energy fields of the universe is Quantum Magnetic Energy. To speak in the form of Channeling is to allow the Quantum benevolence to infiltrate your being at the core with minimal belief filter left that hinder the process. The core is the main Soul or Oversoul that oversees the infinite of other self-souls incarnated in the multiverse.  It is working with yourself even if you do not know as this Quantum Magnetic Energy cares for and nurtures all.   You must understand that Quantum Magnetic Energy is benevolent, all-knowing, has infinite knowledge of the universe and last it will create a group with the society of similar energy vibration to allow coexistence altogether in the infinite creation of the Sovereign God. This is why we have Soul-groups in the Universe to facilitate Ascension process with Unconditional Love and respect of personal beliefs to an earth Gaia full of joy and understanding. 
Allow yourself to be enveloped by Quantum Magnetic Energy at a personal level and done with little practice of oneself and focusing on inner intentions and beliefs that allow this process.  Quantum Magnetic Energy will act in Unconditional Love and Compassion and this allows the body to become fully Quantum and allows yourself to be in a higher state of being ever changing in form, but always the same vibratory core frequency.

Much Unconditional love and Light, Lazaro Michael Gonzalez

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