Appropriateness in the Universe(s)

The universe(s) is full of diversities of all types. Everything exists in a continuing cycle of loops of Unconditional Love. It expresses itself as a woven fabric that intertwines vibration of intention of all the inhabitants of the Universe(s) into Mass, Energy, and Gravity. All the universe(s) is a collective of Souls manifesting all for of existence of life, Some we can’t even begin to understand, others are too simple we do not realize they exist. There are components of the Universe(s) so intricate and specialize as part of solemn unison creation reality for lack of a better word. There is one common item and it is to express to God and is Unconditional Love.

All of creation is geared to express to God Unconditional Love in duality.

Do we love God if we express Darkness or Duality extremes?

Can we be one with creation if we express darkness?

There are many questions to ask on this subject, but we will focus on Appropriateness in all of creation which will free the souls into a state of Excitement of its higher-self.

When we eat there is a need to have food that sustains us all day. We need water as we are 80% or more of this precious substance. So we need Liquids and solids of substances for the bodies cellular structure. There is one component that is not physical and it is Quantum Energy. Quantum Energy is not sensed or seen if you did not permit yourself to see these spiritual items of the universe(s). You need to establish a belief in spiritual natures, not of this 3D we manifest. It is a belief that will allow yourself to be more receptive to Unconditional Love of the universe(s).

Here is the beautiful permission slip to see God’s Unconditional Love.

You Say once:

"I have God in me, I have the need to feel the Unconditional Love with all my senses in this reality. I am part of God and he is part of me."

It is done, no need to repeat as the whole universe(s) heard your permission slip vibration.

Realities will always be Unconditional Love and makes, allows, and shapes all of creation.

We now can speak a topic needed among many in the community of Channelers, Psychics, and Metaphysical groups which is not fully understood or appreciated in its fullness in the grand plan of the creator of all, God/Creator/Source. It is Appropriateness of actions done by souls created by God/Creator/Source to fulfill a perspective purpose on Terra Firma. It is always a great need the brings the Unconditional love into play. Compassion drives humanity to express Unconditional love. It is not synchronicity but Appropriateness of action, for Causality of events does not constitute Unconditional Love only calibration of the Terra Firma to enable Appropriateness. Without need there is no creation, Compassion and Appropriateness are complete solemn unison components. A need is needed for creation to have a balance in the universe(s) with Unconditional Love. We can say that Unconditional Love is the energy that drives the mechanism of life. When the universe(s) sees a need, it does not see a purpose for it is done not for a purpose but to suffice the need to balance the universe(s). this is how the act of Unconditional Love is expressed and confirmed by all of God/Creator/Source’s creation. The appropriateness sufficing the needs in whatever form, in any density, and the parallel reality that exists. I give you an example that has been used by many and it is the appropriateness of your pet being here to give you Unconditional Love. I will name some more of this action of Appropriateness so please follow carefully for it is not the way humanity thinks. We have a food source of Terra Firma and it is grain, legumes, vegetables, and all sorts of plant life that sustains us, but it is not enough to feed the whole world. So what do you think the Unconditional Love of the universe(s) sees and does for the humanity of Terra Firma? It suffices the need of food by allowing the animals to be born to provide through Appropriateness a food supply for Terra Firma’s inhabitants. Yes, the animals know of this Appropriateness of the need to supply and agree to this act of Unconditional Love of being eaten for sustenance. It is a supreme act of Unconditional Love that drives this force of creation in this souls with its only purpose to die and be eaten. It is at this vibration now for it is not possible for the Terra Firma to have enough food for all to have a vegan diet at the moment. Being a vegan is not a higher ascension quality, but it is a form of allowing the Unconditional Love to be shifted to another source, but still the same.

All of creation is all sentient in its own way. A rock, stone, bacteria, virus, or everything in the macrocosm or microcosm. It is just how we view the universe(s) that allows us to experience more.

There is also other forms of appropriateness we can express that is common among all and it is how and what we do in life. We allow the beliefs of our realities to govern our outcome in life. This can be appropriateness or not if it does not have a benevolent nature to the outcome. The act of creating a reality is a co-creation of beliefs we have deep in our consciousness that forms our view and actions on life. We need to do the appropriate action and reflect the Unconditional Love. We can not have appropriateness in acts not recognizing Unconditional Love. Though Unconditional love Is the form the universe(s) creates realities we manifest, even though we deny it exists. What an oxymoron the challenge of the manifesting realities because we know the vibration before the action(sometimes unawares), and we believe this act is the vibration, but it is not. This forms a belief that we must manifest the act first and attribute the vibration we feel as the act, this is very 3D this belief or not spiritual. We do not manifest the act then feel the vibration.

To be in the 3D state oneself without the higher-self governing life is a ship without a rudder to guide it. Our higher-self governs our Souls in all realities whether we recognize it or not. It is the way the universe(s) work for all creation knows of all the created. There are no secrets or shame to disallow the flow of Unconditional Love in the formation of life. It flows to all the extremes in a swirl of Love. A swirl that encompasses all existence eternally, as a loop it hugs all creation tightly for God/Creator/Source is recognized this way.

God bliss, Peace, Love, and Joy,  Lazaro Michael Gonzalez

Thank you for the co-creating with me in this article and God Bliss,

Peace, Love, and Joy,  Lazaro Michael Gonzalez.

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