The Archetypes of the Pleiadians

The Pleiadians have archetypes of different beings of vibration energies. Each Archetype has a special purpose and its own vibrational energy you can detect when you focus on the Archetype. An Archetype is not just a symbol, but an actual being that has dedicated itself to this purpose for the ascension of the all the universe to higher densities. Each ascension has a purpose not of graduation, but of knowledge of thyself in the purpose in this Universe.

How to use the Archetype is very simple and easy to do in the linear timeframe we live in now.

1st step--Take one Archetype and focus on it for one minute. Feel the energy of the symbol and keep this focus as when you focus on it again you will feel this energy again.

2nd step-- Do the next Archetype Symbol and as the 1st step.

3rd step—Do all Archetype symbols for 3 days in a row.

4th step—Once completed do any or all in whatever order you desire and whenever.

Love and Light, Lazaro Michael Gonzalez

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